Not A Gym

All In Fitness is Not a GYM

From: Jamie Dolpies, Founder.

There have been many surprised looks on the face of friends and colleagues when I told them “I opened my own place”… they said, “you opened a gym???”… Well, sorta…

Come to think of it… NO! I didn’t open a gym. I opened a small group fitness studio with great instructors that get people excited to come see us. I named it… All In Fitness.

Gyms have lots of machines, equipment and some occasional group classes. I used to go to the gym daily… I’d mindlessly walk around from station to station, get some reps in, shower and go to work. There was never a trainer around to spot you, correct your form, or push you to the next level. At least, I didn’t notice one.

I knew there were more people like me out there who dread stepping on a treadmill, elliptical, or whatever machine, to get their cardio in. And staring into a mirror lifting dumbbells didn’t seem like something I wanted to do either. I have no idea how my husband, Mike gets on the elliptical machine every day (more than once!). He says he uses it to take a break from his desk-jokey job. Plus, he reads on his iPad. Works for him I guess?

I used to try to be that girl on those machines for an hour or so… but what for? I hated it. I only did it because I couldn’t find anything else out there… so I stopped and started, and stopped and started, and finally just stopped going to the gym.

No gyms for me…

What I realized is that I could get everything I needed developing challenging and effective group classes. I now can offer comradery among peers, new friends, and an energizing atmosphere with smiles all around which is something I need to keep going. I really need to make fitness fun or it doesn’t work for me.

I love what I do now to stay fit… I teach a large variety of small group fitness classes and motivate clients and friends to come back to try new classes. As our clients get and stay fit, I am, in turn, motivated to keep adding more classes and challenges. We modify moves from beginner to advanced to keep everyone engaged.

While I am best known for my own choreographed Zumba classes and endless smiles. All In Fitness has expanded its breadth of classes to include a few of my own creations, including Salsatude and Bootcamp Circuit as well as our Stability Ball Challenge. Yes we also have Toning Classes, Interval Training, Kickboxing, Bootcamp, and Resistance Bands Body-Sculpting.

The important part is it isn’t just the classes we offer, it is the instructors that make the difference. We have fun while we teach and it shows. We want you to hit your fitness goals… so when we push you to go another five seconds, two reps, or make your dance moves bigger, we are doing it for you. We encourage constant feedback on the classes to improve them to make them better for our clients.

We aren’t checking ourselves out in the mirror and seeing how high we can jump or how fast we can run! We are checking you out in the mirror to make sure you are doing every move the right way and have a smile on your face.

I love to hear about the sore muscles the next day. I love when members enjoy a new class they tried. I enjoy hearing about the awesome dance move you learned last night and how great you feel about the positive changes in your body.

So when people congratulate me on opening a gym, I will grit my teeth and say thank you, but you and I know the truth… it is so much more than a gym.