This Magical Fruit Will Help You Lose Weight

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Here at All In Fitness… my goal is to help you with a variety of fun Fitness Classes… Yes! BUT…

If I stumble upon some good information that I know can help you – you can count on me to pass it on.

Here goes…

I am making sure this fruit is on my shopping list every week!

What fruit is it?

An Apple a Day – Can Melt Some Extra Pounds Away!

A recent study found apples contain non-digestible compounds that promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut.

These same bacteria are associated with weight loss.

I’m not a scientist!

It works something like this..

Fiber and Polyphenols remain undigested until they are fermented in the colon. There, they become food for friendly bacteria and help your body outweigh the bad bacteria that thrives on junk-food.

The microbial balance reduces chronic inflammation. It also boosts feelings of “fullness” and can keep you from over-eating.

Apples are definitely a super-food! And of course… I know we are in the season of Apple Pie an Apple Crisp – but these treats don’t count!

See you soon!

Jamie D.