piyo live in tiltonJamie Dolpies (Founder)

“I started out in 1999 taking Salsa classes in NYC with some of the best.  My like for taking classes turned into an obsession of dancing after work for hours to learn as much as possible.  I performed in clubs, at the NYC piers and even traveled for competitions.  There is something about Salsa that got me going… and made me smile.  When my “day” job relocated me to NH, I wanted to continue dancing so I found Zumba™.   I’ve taught Zumba™ not only in NH but as a guest when I travel for work (outside of the workout world)…

I love to teach and take Zumba™, Dance classes, HIIT, Tabata, Toning classes Kickboxing classes and MORE! (Can you tell by the smile on my face?).  I let the music move me and I, in turn, motivate you to get moving.   The more you move, the more you burn!

It’s easy and fun and even my daughters love to practice with me. I have inspired many locals to become instructors themselves.

I am certified in Adult and Kids group classes.

In 2010 I came up with a class called Salsatude™.  While most of my students have blasted into the intermediate to advanced combinations, I have written a full curriculum for beginners to learn basic salsa shine moves while they are burning fat, and YES, we lead left!

Recently I was certified in CIZE Live™ in 2016, a hip hop workout class. And now POUND™ in 2017!  Another class that moves me – I am so hooked.

Join me in any one of my classes and you’ll be hooked on it too!  What a fun way to stay in shape and put a smile on!”


Bonnie Tisdale (Tizzy)Group Fitness in Tilton NH

Bonnie Tisdale is currently a certified P90X™, CIZE™ and PiYo Live™ Group Fitness Instructor.

“I started teaching group fitness in 2009 in the Bristol through the Community Center. Fitness has always been a part of my life and I am very passionate in sharing it with others! So joining All In Fitness has given me more fuel and inspiration. We have some great clients, awesome trainers and a room full of positivity. I love my morning crew especially. You will see me teaching the 5:30AM classes – wake up with Tizzy! But we also offer a great variety of classes that keeps your body guessing – no muscle memory here. You will also catch me on some weekends and evenings depending on what we need. I love seeing personal goals being met. I am also a BeachBody coach and participate in coaching the challenge groups with Jamie where we teach you how to eat to maximize your results.

Together, Jamie and I plan to offer the best variety of classes for all of your group fitness needs.

My motto: Smile, it hurts less!, so share in the love, see you at All In.”


zumba step in lakes region new hampshireLaura Sleeper

“For the past 25 years I have been a practicing physical therapist. I have devoted my life to helping people achieve optimal health.  I believe fitness is the key to a full life.  Joining Jamie at All In Fitness has been an awesome opportunity.”
Laura teaches toning and stretch and strength (like Yoga) classes to help All In Fitness members shape their bodies and enjoy a balanced workout program. When she’s not teaching or working, you can find her hiking, snow-shoeing, and mountain climbing the beautiful trails in NH.


fitness classes lakes region nhAmanda Lonsdale

“Dance has been a major part of my life since I was 5 years old.

It has been the star of some of my most enjoyable memories, the source of lasting friendships, an outlet for relieving stress, and an amazing form of exercise. After graduating from college I was in search of new dance opportunities and found Zumba. I instantly fell in love and have been addicted ever since!”

Since moving to New Hampshire Amanda’s passion for dance has continued to grow.  “Jamie has challenged me to learn new styles, increase my confidence, and push myself to new limits. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and so excited to share my love of dance with the All In Fitness family!”


Jessica Coulter

all in fitness tilton

“After trying to find balance in my life and a few fad diets later my weight has been a fluctuating battle, until I started at “All in” last December of 2015.  My weekly routine has changed drastically making exercise a priority! I once had this dream, before I became a mom of two, to teach an aerobics class and since becoming a member here at “All in” I have the energy and motivation to be able to pursue that dream thanks to Jamie Dolpies! I’m ready to “step” it up!”

Jess teaches Step class, was certified in Ball Toning in 2016 and in 2017 certified in POUND™!  This girl will rock out with you!


Lori Mason
Lori has amazing strength, stamina, and form.  She started out as a student but was certified in several toning classes now at All In Fitness.  You will see her teaching Core Ball classes, Rhythm Reps (one of our own classes), and other toning classes, as well as some Dance Fitnes.  She will push you to build that lean muscle mass to get your body burning more calories throughout the day.  You will also catch her at the front of the Dance Fitness and Zumba classes getting her groove on.


Ariana Ziminsky
“I started teaching group exercise classes in 2000 when an instructor failed to show up to a cardiodance class, and  someone had to take the lead. I haven’t stopped moving since, and these days, I’m in front of the classroom teaching cardiokick or cardiogroove. My great love is dance, and some type of boogying typically makes its way into every class I lead.

My great inspiration for teaching is the pure joy of it and the ability to share that joy with others. As a mom to three boys, cardio workouts are an integral part of my life, and are the key to balancing out the stress and busyness of everyday living.

I love having participants from all walks of life in my classes, and am inspired by those who rise among difficult life circumstances to commit to improving their health. Having a healthy body to enjoy life with is one of the greatest gifts possible, and I am honored to be a part of anyone’s path toward that goal.”


Cindy Dickinson
“I am certified as a Personal Trainer through The American Council on Exercise, and as a Group Strength Training instructor through The Bond Wellness Center in Peterborough, NH, where she specialized in Senior Fitness. I am also trained, through the Sara Meeks Institute, in exercise for Osteoporosis. Having entered the fitness industry at age 50, I believe that it is never too late to begin the journey to optimal strength, peak endurance, flexibility, and enhanced wellness. The discovery of All In Fitness has brought me out of “retirement” to recommit to my own wellness goals and teach some classes at All In classes including strength training, core, and circuit. When I am not attending morning Tizzy classes, I speak to businesses and organizations throughout New England and the Carolinas on Health and Social-Emotional Wellness topics for Cigna’s Employee Assistance Program, and work as a School Counselor. I hold a Master’s of Education in Counseling and Consultation.”


 Michelle Keezer

“I fell in love with Zumba™ when I began taking classes with Jamie Dolpies back in 2010.  Zumba is such a great form of exercise because it is so much fun to dance to music and before you know it, the workout is done!! In March of 2011, I was inspired by Jamie to zumba in Belmontbecome certified in Zumba™ Basic, Zumba™ Kids and Zumba™ Kids Jr. instructor.

My fulltime employment, since 1998, is teaching middle school mathematics to grades 5-8.  My goal is to continue to share my passion for music and dance though Zumba™ classes and continue to share the message to my students that I teach the importance of exercise and staying active.  You are never too young or old to enjoy Zumba™.”


Melissa Lee (Rizzo)

“I began taking Zumba™ classes a few years ago with Jamie and fell in love with the infectious music and the ability to exercise without having to go to a typical gym environment. I decided in 2012 to become a licensed Zumba™ instructor and have been teaching ever since. I enjoy filling in for Jamie’s classes when fitness classes in tilton nhshe needs me and seeing all my ‘old ’Zumba pals!

Health is a passion of mine and is very personal to me as well. Having been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of ten, the emphasis on staying active and healthy eating has been with me since childhood. My full-time career is with LRG Healthcare in my role as the Community Health Improvement Specialist. A large focus of my work is on preventative health. I work in our Lakes Region communities on Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) strategies as well as Drug and Alcohol Prevention and more. I am also a Registered Health Coach and enjoy working with our patients on helping them to better manage their chronic health conditions.

See you at Zumba™!!”